Grand-Metacintre - coffrage modulaire

These tools are ideal to build some circular walls for buildings and public works. These tools are the best to build water purification station, manure pit basin and all circular works.



The range of radius of these tools is: minimum internal radius 3 meters to infinity. The molding face is made of steel of 5mm thickness. Acceptable pressure is:  8 Tons/m²   with use of stalk of tightening of Ø23mm. The juxtaposition assembly is made by integrated crowbars and for superimposing by integrated autocentreur bolts. The 3.00 meters formworks have their Foldable integrated galvanized evolutionary safety platform. The tools of 1.50 meter high can receive a galvanized evolutionary safety platform. The dimensions of the tools are: large = 2.30 et 2.40 meters, high = 0.50, 1.00, 1.50 and 3.00 meters. The weight of the tools is approximately = 150 kg/m²

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